.Tejas Tribe of Lone Scouts

Sign made for the Lone Scout Tejas Indian Tribe.
Left to right, back row:  Claude Forster, James Tomlinson, Roy DeMent, Bill Hoting
Left to right, middle row: Walter Tomlinson, Weldon Woodward, Tilman Bryant
Left to right, kneeling: Travis Foster, Weldon Bryant, Buster Clark, and Roy Sprayberry
Clark Coursey, chief of the tribe, holding the 10" silver loving cup.

Here is the 10" silver loving cup that was won by the Lone Scout Indian Tribe in the "Progressive Farmer Tribe Efficiency Contest."  the cup was donated to the winning tribe by Moody O. Wallis, editor of the "Leonard Graphic" and editor of the scout page in "Progressive Farmer."

Here are members of the Tejas Lone Scout Tribe holding
the 10" silver loving cup.  Clark Coursey is in the back, 
right with tie on.

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We want to thank Pat Coursey, son of Clark Coursey, for providing us the photos for this page.  They came from Clark Coursey's photo album.

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