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Camp Post has been a part of the South Plains Council for a long time. In the fall of 1925,
following the first camping trip to Ruidoso Springs, L. S. Harkey, H. B.Palmer, K. N. Clapp, and Marshall Mason toured the entire Council Area looking for a  suitable campsite for the Council. None was found to please them and a short time later Marshall Mason called Mr.Clapp and asked him to come to Post because there was a site on the Double U Ranch that they had overlooked; Mr. Harkey, Mr. Clapp and Mr. Mason went out to look at the site and liked what they saw. In conference with Mr. Sam B. Bardwell, Manager of the Post Estate, they made application to the Post Estate for a portion of the ranch as a Camp. 
                Scouts at Camp Post in 1927 Camp Post in 1927
Mr. Clapp said they only expected about 160 acres so they asked for 300 acres and after Mr. Bardwell had swapped a piece of tillable land for another canyon. Mr. Bardwell told Mr. Clapp to go on back to Lubbock and write his own ticket on 400.77 acres of land. Mr. Clapp reports that no gift was ever given more graciously to the Council than the land by the Post Estate for the new C. W. Post Memorial Scout Camp. The paper work was completed on the gift of the Camp Property about three months before the summer camp of 1926. Mr.  L. S. Harkey made Mr. Clapp the proposition the he would go raise the money to develop the Camp if Mr. Clapp would go build the camp. Thatís the way it turned out.

The highlight of the year 1926 was the celebration Jubilee at the C.W. Post Memorial Boy Scout Camp where a free dinner
was given to all who were present for the  Dedicatory Ceremony. Approximately 2000 people were present. The first session of Camp held at C.W. Post Memorial Scout Camp was held in August 1926.

Camp Post in 1927

LeRoy Manire was a member of South Plains Council when he was a young man.  The two pictures above are of Camp Post about 1927 (that is the date on the back of the pictures).  He had an older brother Laverne Manire, and a younger brother Winston Manire, that were in the Scouts also.  In the picture above LeRoy Manire, father of Michael Manire, is in the second row from the front and is third from the right. Click on photo above for larger picture of group.

Another 1927 photo we think was taken at Camp Post.

Camp WehinapayThe Council used Camp Post for three weeks in 1939,had one week for Negro Camp and used Camp Wehinapay in New Mexico for one week in July.  Shown on the right is a photo taken at Camp Wehinapay that summer of July 1939. The three white blobs in the background are actually tents on wooden platforms.  LeRoy Manire probably took this picture while he was at the camp. 

The summer Camp during 1943 was attended by 35 Troops with a total of 530 Scouts.

A new swimming pool, a modern concrete structure, was built and put into operation in the summer of 1949 at Camp Post. Mr. Frank A. Runkels was selected as the permanent Camp Ranger at Camp Post on July 15. The Camp development of Camp Post was well under way with the completion of the new swimming pool. The highlight of the 1950 yearsí operation was the securing of a gift by Mr. John Lott of $10,000.00 from the Post Estate for the construction of a new Camp Rangersí home. The Camp development program at Camp Post was now completed.

Later, a calimbing  tower was added to the camp as shown on your left.  There are lots of outdoor adventure available at the camp in climbing and rapelling, mountain biking and shooting sports.Camp Post is also home of the Commissioner's Corner and a highly praised First Class Emphasis program. 

The Camp is still used for one week of Boy Scout Summer Camp, for Cub Scout Camps, and all during the year for various training courses, weekend camp and other activities.  The camp has twelve campsites and troops bring their own tents.  Meals are served in the dining hall. This well-equipped camp location offers aquatic excitement through motor boating, canoeing, swimming, and snorkeling. 

Material for this story was taken from "South Plains Council, Boy Scouts of America History," written by W. R. Postma in 1956.  We want to thank Michael Manire for furnishing us with these photos. Color photos and map were taken from the Leader's Guide of the South Plains Council.

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